Adelaide Zoo has been entrusted with the care of two Giant Pandas.

Wang Wang and Funi were carefully chosen because they are healthy, friendly and easy to handle.

They are also considered a fantastic genetic pairing for the global Giant Panda breeding program. Any cubs Wang Wang and Funi have will be valuable additions to the Giant Panda population.


Our Giant Pandas

Wang Wang

Wang Wang ("Net Net")

Born: 31/08/05 at Wolong Giant Panda Research Centre, China

Personality: He is a very laid-back and placid boy. Like all Giant Pandas, he loves to snooze but can usually roused by a fresh stalk of bamboo.

Wang Wang's Family Tree


Funi ("Lucky Girl")

Born: 23/08/06 at Wolong Giant Panda Research Centre, China

Personality: She is very active and playful and often makes excited mewing vocalisations at feeding time. She is also very intelligent, curious and loves to explore.

Funi's Family Tree



Other interesting information

  • Wang Wang and Funi are the only Giant Pandas in the Southern Hemisphere and the first to live permanently in Australia.
  • Funi is much more nimble than Wang Wang - in fact, she is actually quite elegant (for a Giant Panda!).
  • On 12 May 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake devastated the Sichuan province in China. Official casualties were 69,197 deaths, with thousands more missing, injured or homeless. The quake destroyed the Wolong Giant Panda Research Centre, which was home to around 280 Giant Pandas including Wang Wang and Funi. Sadly, Wang Wang’s mum, Mao Mao, did not survive the quake.
  • After the earthquake Wang Wang and Funi were transferred to the Baixiongpin Yaan Research Centre where they received intensive care from keepers to get them back to being happy and healthy Pandas.
  • Funi has a twin brother called Fuwa

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